Vertical Machining Centers

Fast and easy CAD/CAM/CNC/CMM programming on a 40" 4K Touch Display right on the machine.

Standard features include 4C by DM, automatic tool changer, linear rails on XYZ axes, Z axis pneumatic counter balance, and chip conveyor. The 40" 4K touch control interface is the first of it's kind offering the versatility of a customized screen layout. DM brings the deskop to the machine shop floor with 4C - our user friendly Windows software application with at the machine programming.

Build & Price

VMC Model Lineup
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XYZ Travels
600mm x 400mm x 400mm
4,200 Kg
Base Price $69,995

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XYZ Travels
870mm x 550mm x 550mm
5,300 Kg
Base Price $74,995

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XYZ Travels
1,000mm x 600mm x 600mm
6,500 Kg
Base Price $84,995

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XYZ Travels
1,200mm x 700mm x 700mm
7,200 Kg
Base Price $109,995

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