Bring CNC machine work in house

DM vertical machining centers (VMCs) are standard proven mechanical designs built with precision linear rails, ballscrews, spindles, and tool changers. They are mechanically tough, fast, accurate, and reliable.

Our VMCs are better because of the Windows 10 PC based CNC controller and powerful end-to-end on the machine programming. The PC is the control.

The result is a Design & Manufacturing Station on the shop floor with a short learning curve. Bringing work in house is now much more possible and practical with our end-to-end solution.

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Introducing C4 by DM

Our 3D CAD CAM CMM CNC software package Released June 2017


Yes, import 3D CAD models...or create new 3D CAD parts on the machine.


Create advanced tool paths around the CAD geometry, or import G codes from outside CAM.


Press go and run your tool path. The table of tools is naturally synced between CAM and CNC.


Large number of built in probing routines for setup, reverse engineering and verification.

One Software Package

3D CAD CAM CMM CNC on the machine within our Windows 10 software package, all linked parametrically.

Incremental & Interactive

Create simple 3D CAD models & CAM tool paths, then string them together into, increasingly complete, complex parts.

Learn Fast with

With our streaming training videos, one person can end up with parts in their hand, that they made, in a day or two.

40" 4K Touch Display

We have replaced conventional fixed buttons with touch buttons and a customizable interface.

An end-to-end design and manufacturing solution

DM supplies an end to end design and manufacturing solution. You go to one place to solve any mechanical, control, or software problem or resolve any issue. If you have feature requests or other suggestions we love to hear them. Your software is routinely internet updated with new features - many new features do come from user requests or ideas. DM software will constantly evolve and improve. DM software is fast to learn and operate and will replace all outside CAD CAM software for many users. DM system is aimed at helping manufacturing businesses bring work in house by giving users an integrated end to end solution which can reasonably be learned and used by one person.

Visit our 11,000 sq ft shop for a CNC machine demo on your custom parts.