CNC machines powered by 4C

Direct Motion builds high-performance vertical machining centers powered by 4C, our PC-based software and control system. 4C is the one-and-only system that integrates 3D CAD/CAM/CNC and CMM in one easy-to-learn package, without any outside software. 3D solid model part programming is done right on the machine’s 40" 4K touch display. From prototyping to production, 4C has you covered. Take a look at our videos.

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Meet 4C by Direct Motion

4C (patent pending) was developed by DM engineers in the USA. All DM VMCs are powered by 4C.


Import 3D CAD models (step files), or design new 3D CAD parts on the machine.


Create advanced toolpaths around the CAD geometry, or import G codes from outside CAM.


Press go and run the 3, 4, or 5 axis machine. The table of tools is shared between CAM and CNC.


Automated probing routines for setup, measurement, and reverse engineering.

An end-to-end design and manufacturing solution

DM vertical machining centers (VMCs) are standard proven mechanical designs built with precision linear rails, ballscrews, spindles, and tool changers. They are mechanically tough, fast, accurate, and reliable.

Our VMCs are better because of the Windows 10 PC based CNC controller and powerful end-to-end on the machine programming. The PC is the control.

The result is a Design & Manufacturing Station on the shop floor with a short learning curve. Bringing work in house is now much more possible and practical with our end-to-end solution.

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