3 to 5-Axis CNC Vertical Mill with
24" x 16" x 16" travels

Featuring 4C by DM, automatic tool changer, linear rails on XYZ axes, Z axis pneumatic counter balance, chip conveyor, and 40" 4K touch display.









Starting at $69,995

The DM Advantage

An end-to-end design & manufacturing solution

The VMC644 is a high-performance vertical machining center powered by 4C - our PC-based software and control system. 4C is the one-and-only system that integrates 3D CAD/CAM/CNC and CMM in one easy-to-learn package - with no outside software needed. 3D solid model part programming is done right on the machine’s 40" 4K touch display. From prototyping to production, the VMC644 with 4C has you covered.

Cut a part on day one, bring work in house

If you can run Win10, you can run 4C. No G-code experience is required, and minimal CAD/CAM experience is needed. In fact, we guarantee you'll cut a simple part on day one of training regardless of your CNC experience level. 4C increases workflow efficiency because one person can often replace a conventional CAM programmer and CNC operator.

Learn 4C 5x faster, maximize production

Since 4C runs on the machine, changes to toolpaths are done on the shop floor. You won’t be walking back and forth between the machine and a CAM workstation (like conventional systems). This means program changes are nearly instant, and leads to learning 4C 5x faster than other CAM programs. You’ll also fine-tune your programs in less time, so you can spend more time making chips.

Internet-based support, no finger pointing

When you buy a DM machine, you’re getting an end-to-end solution. DM supports the entire system (electronics/software/mechanical). You’ll have one point of contact for everything, and can video call or instant message directly from your machine. Internet-based support streamlines remote diagnostics and communication. We can even remotely operate your machine, as if we were right there with you.

Standard Equipment

  • Software & Control: 4C CAD/CAM/CNC/CMM by Direct Motion
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Interface: 40" 4K Touch Display
  • Fully Enclosed with Sliding Doors
  • Tool Changer: Arm Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
  • Spindle: 8000 rpm, BT 40 Taper
  • Linear Rails: XYZ axis
  • Chip Removal: Chip Conveyor
  • Coolant Tank
  • Z Axis Pneumatic Counter Balance
  • Cooling: A/C Unit for Control Cabinet
  • Pendant: Remote Jog Handle
  • PC Hardware: I5 Intel Processor, 8GB Ram, Solid State Drive (SSD), Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam, and Headset
  • Warranty: 1-Year Standard Warranty

Machine Operations

  • Peck Drill
  • Tap
  • Drill & Tap
  • Circular Interpolation Thread Cutting
  • Bolt Circle
  • Circular Interpolation
  • Spiral Interpolation
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Rectangular Pocket
  • Circular Pocket
  • Irregular Pocket
  • Highspeed Irregular pocketing toolpath planning (BETA)
  • Mill Surfacing
  • Single Line Engraving
  • Outline Engraving
  • Emulate Larger Tool Diameter
  • Cleanout Engraving
  • Industry Standard GCodes
  • Internal Diameter (ID) Probing
  • Outside Diameter (OD) Probing
  • Depth Probing
  • Corner Probing
  • Slot Probing Depth Probing
  • Repeating Patterns (ie: repeat GCode file in multiple locations)
  • Subroutines
  • Rotation Repeat
  • Scale
  • XYZ Offset
  • Sweep Angle around X,Y or Z
  • 3d Surfacing
  • Surface of Revolution
  • Surface of Profile

Shop Requirements

Please ensure that your machine shop meets the following minimum requirements before placing an order.
  • Wired high speed internet: 15Mb minimim speed required for remote support via Skype and Logmein
  • Shop Ceiling: 12ft
  • Shop Door: 10ft x 10ft
  • Forklift: 20,000 lb capacity 
  • Electrical: 208-240V, 3Ph power with dedicated disconnect box and appropriate sized breaker (see machine specs). The disconnect box must be within 10ft of the right rear corner of the machine.
  • Shop Air: 100 psi
Switch to Metric Units

Software & Control Unit 4C by DM
X Travel 24"
Y Travel 16"
Z Travel 16"
Table Length 32"
Table Width 16"
Table Load Capacity 1,323 lb
Machine Length 94.5"
Machine Width 94.5"
Machine Height 94.5"
Machine Weight 9,259 lb
Spindle Taper BT 40
Spindle Nose to table Min 5.12"
Spindle Nose to Table Max 20.87"
Spindle Power Continuous 14.70 hp
Spindle Power (30 min rating) 21.40 hp
Spindle Power Peak 29.50 hp
Spindle Speed Standard 8,000 rpm
Spindle Speed Upgrade 12,000 rpm
Feed Rate 600 ipm
Rapid Rate 1,000 ipm
Repeatability 0.0001"
Accuracy 0.0002" / 12"
ATC Number of Tools 16
ATC Tool Change Time t-t 1.5 seconds
ATC Tool Change Time c-c 5.0 seconds
ATC Max Tool Length 11.81"
ATC Max Tool Diameter (full) 3.15"
ATC Max Tool Diameter (no adjacent tools) 5.10"
ATC Max Tool Weight 18 lb
Wall Circuit breaker requirement
(If electrical service is less than specified
values, then spindle peak power can be
lowered to match)
75 amps

4C Software and Control System

Feature Benefit
Import or create 3D CAD solid models
  • Moves programming to the shop floor
  • Removes time delays/errors of CAM to CNC
  • Reduces the CAM to CNC bottleneck
    Windows 10 PC based control High performance, reliable platform at a low cost
    Windows 10 desktop user interface If you can run Win10, you can run 4C. No G-code experience is required, and minimal CAD/CAM experience is needed
    Automatically create toolpaths from 3D models No tedious line by line code
    Quickly create toolpaths for individual features Allows you to work and learn incrementally
    Nearly instant toolpath changes Fast programming with no more going back to CAM station and waiting
    Fast learning curve We guarantee you'll cut a simple part on day one of training regardless of your CNC experience level
    Empowers the machinist at the machine One person can often replace a CAM programmer and CNC operator, increasing workflow efficiency
    Can handle complex valuable parts Feature based on geometry, surfaces, intersections
    Internet connected PC on the machine The world is at your fingertips
    Online training videos Stream videos and run 4C on the same screen - on the machine
    End-to-end system CAD/CAM/CNC/CMM work together seamlessly
    Single supplier for machine, electronics, software You’ll have one point of contact for the entire system - no finger pointing
    Internet-based support Solve problems and get answers faster and easier by video calling or instant messaging from the machine
    Remote diagnostics send data to DM servers Our tech team can troubleshoot without visiting your shop
    Remote automatic updates Improvements and fixes are easy
    Cloud program storage Never lose a program
    Import G-codes from outside CAM Fits into G code workflow or 4C

    At The Machine Programming on 40" 4K Touch Display

    Our built in 40" touch display is roughly the size of other conventional operator panels. Essentially we have replaced conventional fixed buttons with touch buttons (similar to smartphones). There are 10 different windows that an operator may want to interact with while using the machine, each of these windows can be docked in any location or floated. Multiple graphics screens can be shown simultaneously for different programs or subroutines. Camera(s) can also be mounted inside of the machine for an on screen video feed. The large screen fills up fast when you have this sort of information at your finger tips. Most operators find the standard mouse and keyboard more useful for programming parts, whereas operations such as jogging or changing tools are quicker on the touchscreen. The combination of the two input methods leads to a very productive machine.

    Sit/Stand Operator Panel mounted on a Rotate & Swivel Arm

    Our newly redesigned operator panel can be easily adjusted to the optimal height for operator comfort, while sitting or standing. It is also mounted on a rotate and swivel arm, allowing convenient positioning even partially inside the machine enclosure. Our CNC operator panel is the most convenient and ergonomic of any machining center available in today's market.

    Easy to Learn CNC Programming with DMTube.com
    Our entire training library is online in streaming video format and accessible from the machines help menu or www.dmtube.com. Our videos cover every aspect of programming operating your DM Machining Center. Each of our 50+ detailed training videos is 5-10 minutes long. After watching 3 or 4 "beginners" videos you'll be able to run the machine, setup tools in the tool changer, and make simple shapes - all on the first day. DM-CAM also includes 25+ sample programs which dmtube.com videos refer to. Within 2 weeks or so of full time attention many users will be comfortable running the machine, creating new part programs and making chips.

    Machining Center Reporting with DMerp.com
    Every DM machining center comes with a DMerp.com account. Here you can view the entire history of your machine and even monitor production with our customized graphs and reporting features. From axis temperatures to auto-cycle run times, and much more.

    Always Run the Latest DM-CNC Software Release
    DM does not charge for software and firmware updates. Both we and our customers benefit from running the latest software release version with all features enabled. We don't nickle and dime our customers by charging to unlock features.

    Highly Interactive and Responsive CNC Control
    Press the touch display and machine moves instantly. Press go and machine starts running the program instantly. As you write or modify a program in one window, another windows shows the updated tool path instantly.

    Internet Support with Remote Diagnostics
    All DM Vertical Machining Centers leave our factory with Skype and Logmein installed for quick and easy support. You can contact DM via skype right from your machine and we can login to your machine remotely using industry standard logmein. In a matter of seconds, we can operate every aspect of your machine as if we were right in front of it with you. That's right, no more trying to explain and understand what is on your screen or where to click next... we can do it for you! Technology is amazing, and our Windows based control allows DM customers to benefit from these advances in technology.