DM News

Jun 26 2017

4C by DM

DM released our 3D solid model "at the machine" software. Import 3D CAD models or create new ones at the machine or on your desktop.

Jun 2015

Introducing Sit/Stand Operator Panel mounted on a Rotate & Swivel Arm

Our newly redesigned operator panel can be easily adjusted to the optimal height for operator comfort, while sitting or standing. It is also mounted on a rotate and swivel arm, allowing convenient positioning even partially inside the machine enclosure. Our CNC operator panel is the most convenient and ergonomic of any machining center available in today's market.

Aug 24 2015

Machines are in stock and in production

We are now accepting deposits and orders for all of our VMC models. Schedule a demo at our Southern California shop to see our machines in action!
DM Shop - Ontario, California

Oct 09 2014

Nick Bloom, blogs about DM's new VMC line

Techspex Blog | Machine Tool Takes Back Seat To Control & Software : Techspex

Sept 22 2014

DM VMCs to be released in 2015

Our new line of VMCs will be available to the public in late 2015